Schwaggle/urban dare race: misleading policy/terrible cust serv

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I purchased a deal for an "urban dare race," which is a sort of scavenger hunt.I could not use the deal anymore and requested a refund for the $85 I purchased.

The deal was marketed by but the race was put on by Schwaggle did not indicate on the receipt of purchase or on the advertised deal that the deal was not refundable. Upon calling Schwaggle's 800#, they indicated the deal was in the FAQ and terms of use. However, to find the FAQ/terms of use, you need to select a link and would need to research to find the non-refund policy.

Schwaggle told me to call Urbandare to get a refund.

Kevin Keefe, who was the contact of Urbandare also refused to give me a refund as well.

I purchased this deal thinking it was non-refundable because there was no non-refundable policy.So I would like to file a complaint against them for unhonest business practices and hiding business policies.

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why would you assume it was refundable, if no information anywhere told you that it was refundable?

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